Here’s a little experiment: grab your phone and google images for the word ‘vegan’. Chances are your screen will be flooded with a spread of perfect-looking vegetables or jovial white women with forks and Buddha bowls. Odd, right? Given that India is the country with the most number of vegetarians, I had never thought of veganism as a race issue. I thought of it as an upgrade from

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The Crea Tive For Ces
A chameleonic actor, Radhika Apte is ready for her next role—and this time it may be behind the camera, finds Rujuta Vaidya Idon’t know if I want to be an actor anymore,” announces Radhika Apte, shortly into our interview. Far from calling it quits,
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Back To Work
A casual tee, slouchy trousers and sneakers get a workspace facelift when paired with a blazer Give the house dress a boardroom edit with a waistcoat Cue the Zoot-suit, with a new and improved casual cropped jacket Masculine gets a feminine ma
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Agents Of Creativity
There’s many a slip between the scroll and the click, is how the updated proverb should read. Imagine this: you are a marketer chasing a captive audience. Your audience (aka most of us) is glued to their phones, making them largely incapable of inter