Don’t let go

The hotel that kept me up most of the night with its loud music, the teacher who accused me of plagiarism because the poem I had written was “too good for a child”, taxi drivers who refuse to drop me to my exact destination...the list goes on. I have been a grade-A grudge collector throughout my life and I happily indulge in ‘mindful grudge creation’: I consciously form grudges

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VOGUE India1 min lettiFashion
On The Road
Winter coat? Yes. Wool trousers? Yes. Sneakers to trek in the snow? Definitely! We’re taking blending in with a safari backdrop seriously with a khaki co-ord set Taking off to a seaside city deserves a jet-setter’s trusted wardrobe Soak up t
VOGUE India2 min letti
Reach A Cool State Of Mind
The simple act of sitting in silence can be intimidating for many, its benefits thus forsaken due to the fear of not being able to obstruct thoughts while trying to meditate. “By using a meditation with more sensorial elements (such as water, earth a
VOGUE India3 min letti
Like A Local
One of the silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that it’s taught us how to think closer to home for all our lifestyle needs, whether for work or otherwise. Travel too has been redefined by this new normal and has instilled a newfound sens