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Everyone’s body is different, as is their goal – so we shouldn’t compare ourselves to the next person. Look at a group of successful people, all at the same level, and more often than not each person would have arrived there in a different way. You need to figure out what works for you.

Let’s look at my journey with nutrition, to see how knowledge can bring you more power. When I first started bodybuilding, my knowledge consisted of: “Lift weights, and you will gain muscle.” Kind of comical, when I think about it now. But as I sought out

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Where To Buy
Alexander McQueen Amit Aggarwal Delhi, 88606 78622 Anuj Madaan Couture Delhi, 98114 29246 Asics Mumbai, High Street Phoenix, 022-4004 2820; Delhi, Select Citywalk, 011-4076 9068; Bengaluru, Phoenix Marketcity, 080-6726 6288 A
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The Final Fight Against Covid-19
For Ali Khalifa, it’s like having the “mark of the beast”. The 41-year-old Algerian is not warning against worship of the antichrist, fretting over biblical sea monsters, or debating the meaning of the number 666. He suggests that the modern-day sign
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For its inaugural auction, Cymmon’s Auctioneers is presenting this striking work of legendary artist FN Souza as its cover lot. The first Indian painter to use acrylic paint as early as the 1960s, Souza was renowned for his penchant for thick strokes