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Everyone’s body is different, as is their goal – so we shouldn’t compare ourselves to the next person. Look at a group of successful people, all at the same level, and more often than not each person would have arrived there in a different way. You need to figure out what works for you.

Let’s look at my journey with nutrition, to see how knowledge can bring you more power. When I first started bodybuilding, my knowledge consisted of: “Lift weights, and you will gain muscle.” Kind of comical, when I think about it now. But as I sought out

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GQ India2 min lettiRegional & Ethnic
During the pandemic, Aly Hajiani decided to resurrect his grandmother’s recipes from over two decades ago. Coming from a family of patissiers, the artisanal desserts have craftsmanship behind them, and a range that far supersedes the average home bak
GQ India2 min lettiDesign
New Gard
After working on it for almost two and a half years, Chennai-based Arnav Malhotra founded No Grey Area last September. Born into a fashion family, Malhotra was also instrumental in rebranding Evoluzione, a multi-designer store run by his mother Tina
GQ India1 min lettiDesign
Line-up Zip
A jacket is not only a hero winter silhouette but also a wise addition to your wardrobe. From rich suede to the varsity ones, here’s how to start the year with the right sartorial choices Thanks to Paul Mescal, varsity jackets are making a comeback