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taly may be celebrated for its ham and cheese, but its rich food culture thrives equally on soups, casseroles, and hearty legume dishes. For centuries, Italians have relied on ingredients like fava beans, dried peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes to hero their foods. While the , paired with Prosecco, remains an all-time classic, Rome’s stew and crunchy are starting to tease global taste buds now. The Vegan Travel Club not only lets you savour these foods, but also includes wine tours and vegan cooking classes in each of its vegan-friendly packages.

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From The Royal Cookbook
MADHYA PRADESH IS A treasure trove of stories, and if you dig deep enough, you might find previously untold tales of its rich history. Rewa, a city in the northwestern part of the state, is one such chapter. On the surface it might resemble any other
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A Gallery Without Walls
THE COFFEE you’re tasting on a sunrise game drive tastes so much more delicious out of a handmade mug,” says Toni Tollman, the director of design and projects for Red Carnation Hotels. Such details are central to the design-fuelled rethink of one of
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In The City Of Saints
MY FIRST GLIMPSE of Harar was through a late-afternoon haze, a balmy veil that blurred the pinks, blues, and greens of the old city’s walls. It was a few days before Ramadan, and around every corner, residents were rejuvenating sun-blanched façades w