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Taste of Power

his independent, real-time strategy opus is set in an alternate Middle Ages where three mighty powers vie for supremacy. Playing as Europe, China, or

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Essential Apple User Magazine4 min letti
Find My What’s Where?
1 The Find My app is divided into three sections, represented by icons at the foot of the screen; People, Devices, and Me. Unsurprisingly, the People tab is for finding your friends. If it isn’t already selected, tap it. 2 To start sharing your locat
Essential Apple User Magazine4 min letti
Books App Buy & Read eBooks
1 Launch the Books app and click on Get Started. You’re asked to sign in using your Apple ID. Do so. If you need to sign in with another account at a later date, use the Sign In/Out option in the Store drop-down menu in the top bar. 2 If you’re alrea
Essential Apple User Magazine2 min letti
Customising Wallpaper and Sounds
1 To find your current location, click the arrow icon left of the search field. The map zooms to your current whereabouts. To search for a specific location, type the address, postcode or zip code or road name into the search field. Possible matches