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Catch Up On Sleep Tonight


rugality is a cardinal rule that most abide by; we check out the latest sales, we adore free gifts, we love discounts, and would do almost anything to get our money’s worth and then some more. But cheap doesn’t

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Malaysia Tatler2 min lettiPsychology
The Mind’s Eye
A registered hypnotherapist and founder of Hong Kong’s All About You wellness clinic, Sonia Samtani has spent the past 15 years helping patients work through crippling phobias, substance abuse, eating disorders and other personal traumas or blocks. “
Malaysia Tatler3 min letti
Koh Li Tim
Whether it’s dressing up or down, style maverick Koh Li Tim is almost always camera-ready for any occasion—even as he busies himself with work, dance and even TikTok while at home. With an innate aptitude for aesthetics and design, the 30-year-old ha
Malaysia Tatler15 min letti
Toiling Ox or Bull Run?
Feng shui and astrology are really fabulous living skills because they give you a window into what’s in store for the future. They can help you navigate your daily life, improve the decisions you make, and get your timing right most of the time. More