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t is a few minutes shy of 9:00pm and I am in a Bolt ride home from Johannesburg Park Station. The driver is Eritrean and we are talking about African immigrants. He seems not to trust Malawians and Zimbabweans; the ones he has met so far are trouble. He likes Nigerians very much. He almost swears that he can tell them apart from other Africans once they open their mouths to speak. I reply that I can tell Eritreans apart, too – they sound a bit like Ethiopians. Ethiopians! Oh, he does not like Ethiopians; he was brought up not to like them. He cannot escape his upbringing, he says. Just before we reach my home in downtown Johannesburg, he confesses that he cannot place

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The Wondrous and Tragic Life of Ivan and Ivana
by Maryse Condé, translated by Richard Philcox (World Editions, ISBN 9781642860696) Born to a black single mother in Guadeloupe, twins Ivan and Ivana learn early in life that the odds are stacked against them; indeed, the title of t
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Between Light and Storm
by Esther Woolfson (Granta, ISBN 97811783782796) Humans have been pondering our interaction with our co-inhabitants of Earth as long as we have been on the planet. Cave drawings and carvings depicting predators and prey species such as tig
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Heavyweight Battle
In a defining moment for the Amazon and other forests, the Constitutional Court of Ecuador has agreed to hear the case of the threatened Los Cedros Protected Forest and potentially set a worldwide precedent for the protection of the environment. In 2