Retreats to help you declutter

Going on a retreat is the perfect time to let go of what no longer serves you, so you can make room for the new. It’s a time to clear your bodyare not them – that these things come and go – and that, instead, you are a grounded witness, a calm core able to live your life to your highest potential.

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Feel Into Your Inner Wisdom
Do you block out pain or drown in it? Whether you are injured or unwell, or something has happened to make you anxious and depressed, how do you deal with pain? And, importantly, does your method serve you? Some of us try to numb ourselves from pain,
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Five Ways To Cultivate A Sense Of Wonder
1 Try to rekindle the amazement that had you as a young child encountering the joys of nature. As adults, we can become jaded and take magnificent places and creatures for granted. 2 Go out when it’s windy or raining. Wild forces can remove you from
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About The UKCP And How To Find A Therapist
• The UK Council for Psychotherapy(UKCP) is the leading research, innovation, educational and  regulatory body working to advance psychotherapy for the benefit of all. We have a register of more than 8,000 individual members, who offer a range of the