The Biscuit


When I heard about animal cloning, I thought to myself: would I create another Emmett if I had the opportunity?

here’s nothing harder than bidding your four-legged friend farewell and sending them to the rainbow bridge. The end of our pets’ lives is unfortunately something that most of us deal with at least once throughout our lives. So, what if we

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The Biscuit1 min letti
RSPCA News & Updates
For the sixth year, RSPCA’s Pop Up Adoption at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre was a huge success with 213 pets finding new homes on January 18. Pop Up Adoption is all about bringing RSPCA pets to the people, in one central location. Pe
The Biscuit2 min letti
All You Need To Know About Paralysis Ticks
Paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) are found along the entire east coast of Australia and thrive in hot weather. They are most active from August to February. Why are they a danger to my pet? Female adult paralysis ticks inject a neurotoxin into hos
The Biscuit2 min letti
A Life Saving Wonder Cat
Five years ago, beautiful Penny was rescued from the the streets of Adelaide and brought into RSPCA South Australia’s Lonsdale shelter as a tiny stray. Young Alex had been begging his mother Sarah for a kitten in the lead up to his fifth birthday. “I