History looks so tidy in hindsight. In 1815, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte literally “met his Waterloo” in a battle so huge that the phrase has become a metaphor for overwhelming defeat. Two of

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Feast of Verve
Whether she is settling into the hand-woven rush seat of an antique European chair for a quiet cup of tea, standing at the stove to stir hearty soup brimming with spicy sausage and creamy white beans, or arranging place settings with cherished finds,
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Editor’s Letter
One of my favorite quotes about this season is a well-known musing from Henry James: “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” From the earliest childhood days whiled away
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An Artist’s Verdant Oasis
July breezes in, bringing balmy weather and an invitation to enjoy outdoor living to the fullest. “What I love most about summer is the color,” says Annie Sloan, “from the increased daylight hours, meaning that full beams shine on hues, showing them