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40 More Years of Benefit

IN 2019, WE MARK FORTY YEARS of publishing at Lion’s Roar. Over these past four decades, we’ve been remarkably blessed with excellent editors, designers, and business people who’ve come together every day to deliver the very best Buddhist teachings, practice guides and explanations, personal journeys, and observations about the intersections of Buddhism and Western culture.

We do this, inspired by

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Lion's Roar2 min letti
QUESTION: My work and family responsibilities are demanding these days, and it’s not an option to drop any of them. I’m not able to do anything as well as I’d like to and I feel stressed, exhausted, and frustrated. How can I survive this? FURYU NANCY
Lion's Roar3 min letti
Green Tara | Feel Her Wisdom and Love
TAR A IS THE MOST BE LOVED of all the female enlightened beings in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. The essence of awakened love and compassion, she is known as “the mother of all the buddhas” and “she who ferries beings across the ocean of samsara.” A
Lion's Roar2 min letti
More than anything, I believe the world is in need of a spiritual perspective. Currently we are experiencing suffering in multiple forms. There is a health crisis, an economic crisis, and there is a moral crisis. The pandemic has not only sickened mi