Lion's Roar



Practices and Guidance for Uncovering Your Natural Awareness

By Diana Winston

Sounds True 2019; 180 pp., $16.95 (paper)

At age fourteen, Diana Winston spent a summer babysitting at the beach. It was tough keeping up with the two kids, so she didn’t get much R&R. But one night she slipped outside and—gazing at the night sky—she felt a calm come over her. Suddenly she experienced awe, love, and a feeling of being fully in her body yet as spacious as the sky. Many of us have had such spontaneous experiences of natural awareness, but

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Resilience | Self-Care for Tough Times
ALL OF US CAN FEEL the impact of these uncertain and challenging times on our hearts and in our nervous systems. While there are parts of our current crisis that we cannot control, that doesn’t mean we’re powerless. When we’re up against change, unce
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WHEN she was a child growing up, Mayumi Oda loved visiting an ancient shrine in Kamakura. Located in a cave, it was dedicated to the Hindu/Buddhist goddess Sarasvati, known in Japan as Benzaiten. Because Benzaiten is a goddess of wealth, people would
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Love Is Not All We Need
IT starts with love. Pretty much everything that’s good and decent in us—generosity, kindness, connection, respect, morality, openness, responsibility—is a form of love. It’s almost a tautology: what is love is good; what is good is love. But love is