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THERE ARE MANY WAYS to engage with Buddhist teachings. You can read books on the dharma and take classes in person or online. You can meditate on your own or attend retreats. You can engage with Buddhism as an academic or translator, or relate to it primarily as a guide for living more harmoniously. You can connect with the dharma through your affinity with a particular spiritual or cultural community, or become a devotee of a Buddhist master. There isn’t just one way to enter the path.

In my case, it wasn’t ideas or books that sparked my interest in the dharma; it was meditation. I was a graduate student and a “word person,” but when I learned to practice, something fundamental opened up for me, something

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The Four Noble Truths
In these uncharted days of Covid-19, it seems appropriate to consider the metaphor of the Buddha as physician. As a physician of the human condition, the Buddha provided us with a diagnosis of our suffering (the first noble truth) and an etiology, or
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The STAR of the PLATE
JOURNALISM IS A TOUGH PROFESSION. At this very minute, there are reporters out there who are risking their lives in war zones to report the news. Meanwhile, my assignment is to eat lunch at one of the best dining establishments on the planet. I screw
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