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Vows are common in the world’s religions.

What vows do Buddhists take and why?

There are many different kinds of vows in Buddhism. Some are very detailed, while others address our ethics and intentions generally. Monastics in the Theravada world, for example, vow to follow the many specific rules in the that govern their day-to-day conduct, including celibacy. Lay Buddhists in

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There’s Always A Light
My windows look out onto the back of six houses. Before dawn and after dusk, it’s usually just one of my neighbors who has a light on. I don’t know my neighbor, but for years now I’ve found that single glowing rectangle comforting, heartwarming. Each
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Remove the Second Arrow of Suffering
among those of us who live with chronic illness, there are various memes circulating that describe life in the time of coronavirus. The wording differs, but the theme is basically the same: Welcome, everyone, to how we already live. People like me wh