Lion's Roar


THE PRESENCE OF THICH NHAT HANH brings a certain sense of peace to Tu Hieu temple in central Vietnam. The gardens are more carefully tended. People smile to each other more, and the temple buildings have undergone some essential renovations, which preserve the architectural style of the nineteenth century.

You never know when Thich Nhat Hanh in his wheelchair, accompanied by some attendants, will emerge from his quarters for a leisurely stroll in the garden. The garden layout has not changed much since he was a sixteen-year-old novice here, and as you follow him around the grounds on a meditative stroll, he will point out spots he remembers from his novicehood.

My teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, affectionately known as Thay, is doing better than any of his doctors expected. You could say he’s had a miraculous recovery. No one expected that his body would reabsorb the blood from his

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The STAR of the PLATE
JOURNALISM IS A TOUGH PROFESSION. At this very minute, there are reporters out there who are risking their lives in war zones to report the news. Meanwhile, my assignment is to eat lunch at one of the best dining establishments on the planet. I screw
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The Four Noble Truths
In these uncharted days of Covid-19, it seems appropriate to consider the metaphor of the Buddha as physician. As a physician of the human condition, the Buddha provided us with a diagnosis of our suffering (the first noble truth) and an etiology, or