Lion's Roar

The Zen of Retirement Living

HAD SOMEONE TOLD Susan O’Connell, when she started her Zen journey over thirty years ago, that one day the San Francisco Zen Center would be a partner in a retirement community, she would have politely questioned their sanity.

And yet today that very same Susan O’Connell is spearheading one of the most audacious Life Plan Communities ever

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Lion's Roar2 min letti
Angel’s Epiphany
WHEN OUR SESSION BEGINS, even through our computer screens I can see Angel’s excitement. She’s grinning, anxious to get through the therapeutic preliminaries. “I’ve had an epiphany!” she announces. The religious cast of the word gives me pause. A mon
Lion's Roar2 min letti
Mothers’ Love
As a mother, my heart was ripped open when I heard that George Floyd was calling for his mama as he lay begging to breathe, dying in the street. His mama couldn’t come running—she had died two years before. So mamas of all races and ethnicities, mama
Lion's Roar2 min letti
My Sourdough Starter
I LOVE A HOMEMADE loaf of cut-the-roof-of-your-mouth bread. But I don’t bake. To become good at something, you have to tap into your intuition and play like a child. I know how to do this in parenting, writing, teaching, gardening, music, and cooking