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ACCORDING TO BUDDHISM, our basic problem is not sin. It’s more like a giant mistake. Because we misunderstand the true nature of ourselves and what we experience, we create poisons that cause ourselves and others endless suffering. These are the many unskillful and unwholesome ways we act in order to protect and serve our false sense of self, or ego.

One classification of these poisons is the five , which is variously translated as poisons, conflicting emotions, defilements, etc. They consist of the three root poisons that drive all

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Lion's Roar5 min lettiPsychology
Healing America’s Racial Karma
IT STARTED BEFORE I was born. It began before you were born, too, this turning wheel of racialized consciousness. Its tracks are evident across the face of time and the threads of human connection. Let us propose this is not an intractable condition
Lion's Roar3 min letti
The Zen of Retirement Living
HAD SOMEONE TOLD Susan O’Connell, when she started her Zen journey over thirty years ago, that one day the San Francisco Zen Center would be a partner in a retirement community, she would have politely questioned their sanity. And yet today that very
Lion's Roar5 min lettiPsychology
Why Mindfulnss Isn’t Enough
THE MODERN MINDFULNESS MOVEMENT has swept through international culture, and, like many Buddhists, I have felt intrigued and pleased about this. Mindfulness is, as the Buddha said, a way to happiness. It puts the responsibility for our mental state r