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of the steps of the Buddha’s eightfold path, and it might be the most important one. Wise intention is what keeps our lives heading in the right direction. If I want to drive north, I need to keep checking that the sun is setting on my left to be sure I’m heading in the right direction. The practice of wise intention is like checking the sun. It’s a way to make sure our actions and our lives are

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Lion's Roar2 min letti
1. Don’t kill
I’VE LONG CONSIDERED verse 183 of the Dhammapada to be one of the best and most succinct summations of the buddhadharma. That verse says: Do no harm,Practice virtue,Discipline the mind.These are the teachings of all the buddhas. These three—not causi
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The Whole Path Is Ethics
THE BUDDHA CALLED the noble eightfold path “the way to the cessation of suffering,” and he included each factor in the path precisely because it serves this end. The eight factors that lead to the end of suffering are often divided into three section
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This Is Intimate Practice
ONE DAY IN 1977, in his “Literary History of the Beat Generation” class at Naropa Institute, Allen Ginsberg challenged his students with a question: “How many of you have signed up for meditation instruction yet?” Only about half of the scruffy aspir