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“When you grow up in the South cooking with your family, I guess you don’t always equate it with a career,” says Holly Schreiber, the culinary director behind Benton’s Sainte Terre, a boutique catering venue for weddings and more.

Holly grew up in Benton, a small town near Shreveport, where family and food walked hand in hand. But while she attended college at Texas Christian University, Holly cooked as a private chef to earn extra money. Suddenly, “it clicked,” so she changed majors and earned her degree in nutrition to

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Louisiana Cookin'4 min lettiRegional & Ethnic
Royal Pastry
WHILE THE REST OF THE COUNTRY unwinds from the busy holiday season, Louisiana prepares to move into Carnival season and welcome back the beloved king cake. While cinnamon-filled brioche king cakes can be found in nearly every bakery and grocery store
Louisiana Cookin'4 min lettiRegional & Ethnic
Taste Of The Sea
OYSTERS ARE MUCH MORE VERSATILE than you might think. With their sweet, briny flavor and plump texture, they are nearly perfect served straight from the shell, dressed with nothing more than a squeeze of lemon or a splash of hot sauce. But for those
Louisiana Cookin'1 min lettiRegional & Ethnic
Super Snack
AMID ALL THE INDULGING in king cake and other treats during Carnival season, it’s nice to have something light to snack on. Hummus is a delicious and crowd-pleasing appetizer, and in this recipe, we blended in roasted beets, garlic, and lemon for ext