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K-300i integrated amplifier continues to gather momentum. A week does not go by without a journalist or a reviewer somewhere in the world giving this amplifier the thumbsup. It’s also been named ‘Amplifier magazine, and ’Exceptional Value Product of the Year’ by .

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New Sound For Old
The simple, sustainable way to upgrade your Sonos system,’ says Sonos. ‘Recycle an eligible device and receive credit for 30 per cent off any new Sonos product. Enjoy even better sound and the lastest features. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Maybe… but lik
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Zesto Leto Preamplifier
Zesto Audio has released its Leto Ultra Preamplifier, which has a six-position ‘Presence’ control. ‘This control adjusts the harmonic balance in the midrange and high frequencies allowing you to dial back what you may consider to be too bright, edgy
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I think the title of this book is a play on words, because it says that its aim is to address the delivery of music (groove?) stored on hard drive (server?). Normally, when book titles are obscure they are subtitled, and so it is with Mr Masciarotte’