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It’s the smallest molecule on earth and the most abundant in the universe. Hydrogen gas or H2, made up of two atoms of hydrogen, the lightest of atoms, is known as rocket fuel and is notorious for fueling the inferno that engulfed the Hindenburg blimp in 1937. It’s had a comeback since then, emerging as one of the most promising clean alternative fuels on the horizon, but the healing potential of hydrogen has gone virtually unexamined for nearly the entire history of medicine—until now.

In just the past decade, there’s been an explosion of research on the health effects of hydrogen; hundreds of studies suggest it may benefit everything from Alzheimer’s to arthritis, cancer and even mood disorders. Most amazing of all is new evidence showing that this gas is able to heal the heart after damage such as a heart attack.

Thousands of people swear by its benefits and are willing to pay for it: a range of devices from water bottles and tablets that hydrogenate water to gas machines have flooded the Western market, but without much fanfare.


In Japan, however, a whole industry of anti-aging and beautifying hydrogen products and devices has swept the country. Hydrogen spas offer hydrogen gas on tap, hydrogen baths, foams and creams, and hydrogen water is practically a household term.

The Japanese Ministry of Health has approved hydrogen gas inhalation as an advanced medical therapy for patients after a heart attack, and if the research continues to be confirmed in

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