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The present government got rid of two excellent economists—Raghuram Rajan and Arvind Subramanian. It has presided over the worst economic downturn in a quarter century. Its ministers keep saying the crisis will be over soon, that good times are coming. The latter is a slogan used by the prime minister in the election five years ago that he won; and though the times got worse

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Defending Democracy In A Lockdown
The global consensus on social distancing makes it clear that this is not just the best practice but our only answer to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shutting down, regardless of the very real economic consequences for the poor, and in lieu of adequate test
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Together Alone A Survival Kit
Call it quarantine, isolation, social distancing, a lockdown or a Lakshman rekha, it’s really the fact that an entire nation of more than a billion is experiencing this crisis together that makes it so uncanny. From the eerily empty streets to the di
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The Power Equation
If the BJP is to retain power, it will need to win nine seats If the Congress is to return to power, it will need to win all 24 seats If the BJP wins less than nine seats, the Congress has the possibility of staking a claim with the help of Independe