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Short And Sweet
I don’t hunt a great deal these days, but when I do I always use ammo that’s consistently accurate in the particular rifle I’m using, and most of the time that means a conventional roundhead pellet. But in the pursuit of more knockdown power – and to
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Through The Looking Glass
“Budget” is often a byword for “not very good”, but if you do a little research you’ll find some great gear can be picked up for a relatively modest outlay. Scopes are a good example. You could easily spend £1,000 or more, but if you’re only planning
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Airgun Answers
Q I’ve got a few limited edition air rifles and so far have resisted the temptation to actually shoot them as I’m worried about them losing their value. Should I keep them mint or just enjoy them? YOUR EXPERT LEE PERRYMAN A AS A KEEN collector of lim