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alternative or New Age therapies may lack scientific backing, but a rise in popularity of such treatments has given paw-rents more options when it comes to soothing their furkid’s ailments or gaining a better understanding of their pets. Commonly known as natural remedies, holistic healing or complementary care, these treatments don’t claim to replace traditional veterinary care but instead, are used alongside modern medicine to aid your pooch’s recovery and boost their well-being. The pets team and our resident pooches, Bobby, Bella and Piper, try out five.


What it is: A non-invasive allergy test, done at a clinic, which works with electromagnetic frequency (EMF) to figure out the substances your pet is tolerant, intolerant or neutral towards

Prior to the test, paw-rents need to prepare up to 20 samples, such as kibble, treats, shampoo, floor cleaner, etc. These will be

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