A passion for organics

Greenleaf Organics started as a juice bar. How would you describe it today?

We are constantly evolving and changing. The business is so different now from when I started it in my garage in 2014. My brother Mike and sister-in-law Chantel are now business partners. We all share a passion for organic, functional products and presenting them in a

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Death & Dying
Last year, when Covid entered our lives, we all faced the concept of death a little more directly than perhaps we had done before. Whether we’ve lost someone or not, we can probably agree that the thought of dying is scary. However, in many cultures,
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Financial Wellbeing
When it comes to investing, women’s biggest mistake has nothing to do with how they invest. In fact, studies have shown that women are often better investors than men. The number one mistake is that we’re not investing enough. The modern woman is ind
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We all know that sinking feeling when an accidental elbow jab causes red wine to spill down the front of your favourite silk dress. The first instinct is to put water on it and begin desperately dabbing or gently rubbing it in an attempt to get the s