Using essential oils safely

“Natural means natural. Natural doesn’t mean safe.”

In recent years essential oils have found their way into our homes, diffused or burnt into the air, used as treatments for a health condition, in homemade house cleaning products and placed in our beauty cabinets for use in facial serums and other lotions and potions. Now bottles are infiltrating kitchens, too, with drops of oil being added to drinks and increasingly, food recipes.

Since doTERRA and Young Living hit the scene the trend has exploded, with the message – essential oils can transform your health. And with the rise of social media, the encouragement and promotion by influencers and bloggers, adding essential oils to food has become increasingly popular, but concerning to the qualified community, worldwide.

A word of caution

Experts agree essential oils can assist in providing relief for a specific health condition but only when they are used in the correct way and at the correct dosage for the specific age range being treated. This is by applying them through the methods of safe

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