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WHAT IS YOUR FASHION PHILOSOPHY? I like to mix it up—a bit vintage, a bit tribal, a bit designer a bit street style. When you mix, there are no rules, you have to be confident and make it your own look. Coming from LA, the casual look is very important to master. You would never find me to be over dressed for any occasion; it’s not a good look if you’re trying too hard.


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Pause Or Play
I’ve become a germophobe. I’m afraid to touch anything outside of my house and it has become so bad that I don’t want to leave the confines of my home. Since the lockdown in March, I’ve only left the house less than fifteen times. I’m afraid to touch
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Red Flag
Keep red sartorial pieces masculine by pairing them with black accessories or patterned garments ■
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Where Do We Go From Here?
Much has been said about this year in volatile and violent exasperations. This isn’t a tale of gloom and doom, but with a point of reference rendered as what once was, we are now left to figure out where life leads us in a world post-pandemic. While