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Everything I do has rhythm,” says Anne Marika Verploegh Chassé of STIEFELwerk, a one-woman bespoke boot and shoe making company based in Brooklyn. “I have always been a maker and a collector of skills, and in shoes and boots I have found a perfect expression for my many talents. To think and build something beautiful and lasting in its functionality, applying traditional techniques in playful ways, suits me well. A touch avant-garde, a touch strange, truly labor-intensive and thoughtfully made with intent. This is who I am.”

Many of the leather artists or artisans I speak with recall younger years filled with endless, compulsive drawing or other creative activities in a visual context. But Marika has a background that was rooted in the world of fine arts. Growing up in Switzerland, she was always drawing, sketching and painting. In Europe, where the presence of the Old-World masters is

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Magnus' Marketing Minute
We have a shared passion. We love what leather can do, how it feels, how it smells and the feeling of accomplishment when you create something with your own two hands. Most leather artisans didn’t begin tinkering around with hides so they could becom
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Italian Double Shoulders
The Hide House has VE29 Brown, 8-9 oz. Italian double shoulders in 12-15 sq ft. All hides are a nice #2 grade. Get yours at $2.95 per square foot. 800-4-LEATHER or
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Positivity Matters in Times of Crisis
One of the things that surprised me most about positive psychology research is that I rarely get to research places that start out happy. In fact, the majority of my research has occurred in high-crisis or challenge situations. I started with depress