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Changing China

Let’s play a quick game of word association. If you had to describe Chinese business in one word, which one would you pick? For a long time, most people outside China would have chosen words like “copycat” or “sweatshop,” but these old labels are seriously misleading nowadays. China

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Misaligned Expectations
The EU Chamber of Commerce in China, currently led by President Jörg Wuttke, was founded in 2000 by 51 member companies with a shared goal of establishing a common voice for European businesses operating in the country. It has now expanded to over 1,
CKGSB Knowledge - China Business and Economy8 min lettiWorld
Picking A Product
It is July, it’s a hot and humid 35°C outside the Yiwu International Trade Market in east China, but inside it is Christmas. Red, white and green stretch for as far as the eye can see in what has been called the “largest small commodity wholesale mar
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Managing the Differences
The relationship between China and the US has been deteriorating further in the past months with escalated confrontational rhetoric and actions—some of them military—by both sides. While hopes for the world’s two largest economies to work together am