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Chinese medical centers tend to be crowded, chaotic places, but the radiology department of the Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital is an oasis of quiet. The only sound in the dimly-lit office is the rapid clicking of computer mice.

China’s hospitals are becoming overstretched as population aging and urbanization send demand for health care soaring. But a new wave of world-leading Chinese health technology companies believe they can lift the burden on the country’s frazzled doctors

At one of the terminals lining the room, Dr. Wang Meili* is analyzing CT scans of a patient’s lungs. It is easy to see why the young radiologist has little time for chitchat. There are 150 sets of scans waiting for her to examine—around 30,000 images.

“Each doctor in our team reads at least 20,000 images per day,” Dr. Wang tells CKGSB Knowledge. “The work is intense. Radiologists in a similar position in the United States have a workload about one-third to one-half of ours.”

Luckily for Wang and her colleagues, they have a secret weapon to help manage their huge in-tray. On the black pair of lungs in the center of Wang’s screen, several small dots have already been circled in white. To the right, a short report outlines what these suspicious nodules might be.

All this work has been completed by , an artificial intelligence-driven diagnosis system developed by

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