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The Ideal Home and Garden1 min letti
Editor’s Note
This past month has been very taxing, and at the same time it has been a great learning experience. The lockdown has created a seemingly endless abyss of uncertainty, that is getting to all of us in spurts or phases. The team has learnt to live throu
The Ideal Home and Garden2 min letti
Letter Of The Month
the world is going through a pandemic, which is deadly and dangerous. It is better to stay home and be safe.Also, as we are home, it also advisable to experiment and try and make changes to our decor and look of the house. tIHG has been an invaluable
The Ideal Home and Garden4 min lettiPsychology
A Tale To Tell
From designing luxury spaces to furniture, how has the journey been so far? The world of design is purely human-centered, where the focus is upon the people who are to use it - space or product. Architecture is a form maker, problem-solver and envir