As its name suggests, the B.R.U.T.E is all about power. This mech is a beast of a vehicle that further takes Fortnite down a road into the future. Strong enough to leap on and crush entire buildings, but agile enough to dart left and right to avoid enemy fire, it’s a great asset for players who can master it. And we mean players plural.

This two-seated vehicle can technically be operated by one player, but that’s far from ideal and can leave you vulnerable to attack. As one seat controls offence (shotgun bullets and missiles) and the other pilots (super

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THE SET UP: This is a great trick to play if your mum or sister uses a fancy soap. Check out what their soap looks like, then head to the supermarket and buy a block of cheese that looks most like it. When they’re not watching, sneak into the bathroo
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Freak Out Beaches Bizarre
When most of us picture beaches we imagine beautiful white sand, which is why the black sand at Hawaii’s Punalu’u Beach is kinda freaky. Created by lava flowing into the ocean, where it explodes, the sand is made of basalt. The beach also has undergr
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Back in 1994, a fourth game in the Wonder Boy sidescrolling platformer series came out, but not in Australia. Which was such a shame. The three previous games were classics and the fourth game mixed things up by making the lead character a girl. Her