Pay Attention to These 5 Aspects of Company Culture When You Start a New Job

When you join an organisation, you have a short window of time to adapt to its culture. Too many talented individuals stumble in their new company because they fail to read the cultural tea-leaves. This happens because most organisations don’t explain the cultural rules to newcomers, and new hires are so focused on the job and the new boss that they overlook the rules’ profound influence. Yet understanding the culture plays a big role in your initial success. Being cognisant of not just what your colleagues do but how they work matters if you want to be effective and well-perceived. There are five dimensions of culture that have a big impact on your ability to navigate a new job: how your organisation values and cultivates relationships, how people tend to communicate, how people make decisions, whether individuals or groups are valued, and how accepting people are of change.


In our work, we have noticed that these five dimensions

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