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Twenty-seven hours, three timezones, four airports, and countless airline and airport meals after, we were transported to one of the most beautiful paradises on earth, Papagayo, Costa Rica. Lexus International, a top player in the luxury automotive market brought us here for two main reasons, to celebrate and get to know its thirty-year history and to "experience amazing", which is what this lifestyle brand is all about.

Pura vida, a typical gesture and saying in Costa Rica, means ‘pure life’. It is a motto intrinsic to every Costa Rican and a pursuit manifested in their service. A principle intertwined in everything that they do, it embodies the Costa Rican’s love for life and enjoying the present. This way of life is pretty much a perfect match to this Japanese luxury car brand’s very own principle of omotenashi which typically embodies anticipatory hospitality and creating emotional value. Unyielding omotenashi has been a tenet at the core of their values. This is a principle ingrained in every design and thought process behind every Lexus car.

Costa Rica is an exquisite county, rich in culture, biodiversity, natural splendor, and known for ecofriendly initiatives and technologies.

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