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As the cliché goes, the beach is the “Best Escape Anyone Can Have”—and I couldn’t agree more! The beach is my sanctuary. Time slows down. The sound of the waves crashing into the shore becomes a lullaby, the warmth of the sun combined with the cooling effect of crystal clear waters replenishes my energy, and the sky bursting with colors during sunrise and sunset inspires me to continue chasing my dreams. This is my therapy from all the stresses of busy city life.

On my 30th birthday, I wanted to do something memorable—something that I can proudly tell stories about. Being a thalassophile, I thought, “Why not visit 30 beaches?” Our country is an archipelago with 7000+ islands. Hence, going to 30 beaches doesn't seem too difficult. So I did it! It took me 14 days (not consecutive) to explore four coastal towns of

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