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Dumbfounded at the sight of both Copenhagen and Tallinn, Estonia, I was confident that I found some of my new personal favorite spots in Europe. Copenhagen, Denmark with its distinct and plentiful landmarks side by side, is the perfect place for travel as mostly everything can be reached by walking or biking around. Its landmarks include a centuries-old theme park, an iconic mermaid statue, several royal palaces, and a postcard-like canal. Tallinn, on the other hand, is as unique as it can possibly get. Tallinn’s Old Town pulls you into different eras of Estonia dating from its medieval years to its period under Russian sovereignty. With its preserved medieval houses, market squares, and Russian art and architecture, Tallinn boasts of a rich past and present. Altogether, my journey across the Baltic Sea was nothing short of amazing. So, please mark your calendars for a trip to Denmark and Estonia soon, fellow globetrotters!

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