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My New York-born, Cebu-based brother-in-law Glenn gamely dared our close-knit traveling group—lovers of capital cities—to visit the hamlet of Russell, New York, not only upstate but deep in the northern country, some 350 miles away from the magnetism of the heart-thumping Manhattan.

He further exclaimed that Russell’s pride includes family-run diners sans Michelin star restaurants, orchestras of chirping birds atop tall trees, herds of deers where bucks grunt, does hiss, and fawns bleat while they graze sans Broadway theaters of box-office hit musicals and plays and a sparkling canopy of bright stars on a clear sky sans pulsating neon lights of the metropolis. “This is the opposite side of the pendulum,” he reminded us.

Being the super-eager fasten-your-seatbelts travelers that we are, we were more than hyped up, as we accepted his challenge

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