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If anything proves that the only constant thing in life is change—it is the definition of beauty. From the heftier and more rotund ideals of the Tang dynasty to the waif-like proportions of Versace—humanity’s ideal proportions for men and women remain as ephemeral as a store sale at Louis Vuitton.

And yet for at least one aesthetician, Aivee Teo, the pursuit of beauty itself, endures. The process of embracing one’s self, enhancing one’s image, and gaining confidence is at least as appealing and as important as any one season’s trend.

It is also, in her words, a lot more fun.


With all the confidence of a mother of three, Aivee Teo reveals that she wasn’t confident, growing up. An admirer of Phoebe Cates and Brooke Shields, she says she “wanted a higher nose, and I always thought my lips were too big!” She smiles. “Back then everyone wanted this one thing, this one ideal mestiza…”

And until now, Aivee and her partner, Z disclose that skin whitening, underarm bleaching, along with facial fillers, and breast augmentations, remain extremely popular traditional treatments.

Though she notes that times are changing.

She states that there is no one standard or definition of beauty. Every culture has its own standards. “In fact when I look for beauty in someone now, I’m looking for…,” her eyes close, and she seems to scan through the thousands of patients she’s seen through the years. They snap

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