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Aim higher

An Ohio State University study recommends you tell the world about your goals – or at least someone you admire. Its research showed that participants who

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Pills, Rings & IUD Things
Since the mainstream introduction of the Pill back in the 1960s, women have had to bear the responsibility of contraception – from avoiding pregnancy to dampening irregular or painful periods and easing chronic conditions such as endometriosis or pol
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Editor’s Note
As this issue is going to print, a large portion of Australia is on fire. And I, like many people, feel as though it’s almost a crime to talk about anything else – especially when so many of our own readers’ mental and physical health are suffering.
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Audacious Action Alexa
I developed a real affinity for boxing during my university days, when it became an incredible outlet for me. It can teach strength and power, but also patience and focus. There’s nothing like hearing the ‘crack’ as you hit the pad to make you feel e