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I live in a small country town and at school there are only 10 girls in my year level who I’ve been friends with for most of my life. The boys don’t mix with us, so there isn’t much choice of who to hang out with. Recently I’ve had a big falling out with my bestie and we’ve agreed to stop being friends, and I can

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Health Hacks
Keep It Cleane r’s Steph Claire-Smith (Mille r) and Laura Henshaw dish on how they maintain a balanced approach to wellbeing What does health mean to you? LAURA: I have a holistic approach to health and wellbeing which has given me so much more bala
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What’s Your Group Chat Personality?
Love and loathe. That’s the feels about the group chat, right? Yeah, it’s the quickest and easiest way to stay up with the goss. But can’t a girl take a shower without returning to 20,000 messages once in a while? And ever noticed how everyone’s got
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Astro Guide
The money gods have been good to you and you’ve got more funds to play with. Just don’t spend it all at once coz July’s eclipse does not bode well for finances. Also, soz to say, but a crush might ghost you. As they say, all things are temporary and