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Hack your study sesh

With exams looming, it’s time to get studying. Eeeeek. NGL, it’s boring and hard and all round meh. But there are a few hacks that can make studying a bit more productive and a little easier. But remember that there is no perfect way to study and you just have to do what works for you!


We hate to break it to you, but trying to fill your brainon Netflix ... again.

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Just a week after Hype House launched, Charli posted this cryptic pic on Instagram and no-one really knew what it meant. Friends or lovers?! @TikTokRoom posted a video of the couple at a NY party kissing. Charli tells the world via an Instagram Live
Girlfriend Australia3 min letti
Fight Like A Girl
One in three. That’s how many of us girls will experience violence in our lifetime. So it’s no surprise we tailor our behaviour to safeguard ourselves. Dark alleys are a no-go and our friends and fam always get a screenshot of our Uber driver. It srs
Girlfriend Australia3 min letti
Single And Lovin’ It
Whether you’ve always been single, have recently been through a break-up or are between relationships, learning how to be with yourself is SO crucial to self-development. You don’t want to rely on one person and freak out when you have to be alone. I