Creative Sugar Craft

Steampunk Cake


• 22cm Hexagonal Cake
• 6inch Round Cake
• Ganache
• Fondant – Brown, tan, grey


• Rolling Pin
• Small Non-Stick Rolling Pin
• Non- serrated Knife
• Small Spatula
• 13inch Round Wooden Cake Board
• 4 x Cleats (small plastic “feet” for the cake board)
• 2 x 22cm Hexagonal Wooden Cake Boards
• 1 x 30cm Wooden Dowel Rod
• 6inch Round Foam


• 6inch Square Card Board
• Foam Heart Shape
• Cog, lock, key moulds
• Round Cutter Tin Set
• Heart Cutters
• Small Ejector Cutters
• Pizza Wheel
• Vegetable Shortening
• Small Plain Round Piping Nozzles
• Sugar Glue
• Decorator’s Alcohol
• Silver, Gold, Bronze Luster Dust
• Black Petal Dust
• Pre-made Sugar Roses



Cover the round cake board as desired. In this project, wood grain contact has been used. Mark the centre of the cake board. You can do this by tracing around the board, cutting the circle out and then folding into quarters. Place the folded piece of paper back onto the board and mark where the centre point is.


Stick the cleats onto the bottom of the cake board and drill a hole in the centre of the board that is the same thickness as the

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