is in the shape of a mitten, and that’s the reason Michigan is referred to as “the Mitten State.” I live in the northwest corner of the Lower Peninsula (near the tip of the pinkie finger). Winters are long here; it can start snowing in October, with snowfall sometimes continuing throughout April. Mittens, therefore, are essential winter wear. They need to be warm, and they need to hold up to long and hard use. For the warmth requirement, I chose a slipstitch pattern to create a thick fabric. For the

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THIS POLWARTH WOOL BLANKET (top left) was dyed with cochineal and Kool-Aid. The finished size is 28 × 75 inches. This blanket was finished by washing in a machine on the gentle cycle, which gives the fabric a nice tracking appearance. I made the seco
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Uncoiling the Spiral of Gimp Yarns
Spiral yarns are quite possibly my favorite types of yarn to create. I enjoy seeing the mesmerizing cascade of coils undulating from my basket of handspun. Although I admit that many of my handspun yarns remain in my basket for quite some time before
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Flexible Embroidery and Decorative Darning Stretchy Stitches for Knitted Fabric
Sometimes plain gray mittens are just the thing, but sometimes you want more—a shot of color, a little jazz, or the texture and character of slow cloth. Embroidery is a great way to add color—one or many—to the surface of your knits. While some embro