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The Great Adventure

Back in 1949, a gentleman by the name of J.T. Pierce who was the Juvenile Probation Officer in the town of Sarasota, Fla., had heard about the relatively new “Little League Baseball” program that had begun a few years before. Mr. Pierce thought it could be a great youth program for the community that could give lots of the kids activity and direction. So, he started the league. Tryouts were held for several weeks at the local schools and parks. Each of the sponsored 12 teams were allowed to take turns picking 18 players for their team. I was chosen to be on the “Sports Committee” team.

On the first day of our

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The Jag File
Whether you are casually interested or deeply rooted in American history, you have probably heard the story of General George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware on the night of December 25–26, 1776. While the morning attack on the Hessian garrison
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27-12-4. Walter Seal indicated that the blue chevrons on the black background are 1902 Regular U.S. Army pattern chevrons worn on everyday worn uniform. He added, “The same type chevron with a thin white edge along the blue stripe was worn on the dre
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