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Handwoven3 min letti
Modern Rep Bath Mats
Rep weave. 4- or 8-shaft loom, 26" weaving width; 12-dent reed; 1 boat shuttle (for thin weft); 1 rag shuttle (for thick weft). Warp: 8/2 cotton (3,360 yd/lb; Valley Yarns; WEBS), #8176 Natural, 2,336 yd; #7327 Tobacco, 264 yd; #7198 Burnt Sienna, 52
Handwoven5 min lettiFashion
Doup Leno: More Versatility in Leno Weaves
Maybe you have tried your hand at bead-leno weaving and enjoy the lacy openwork that is achievable with the crossed-warp structure. Doup leno is a bit more involved than bead leno, but if you are willing to put in the extra setup time and add a few “
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Swatch Collection
The fabrics in this collection are intended for use together. I used wool throughout because if there ever was a miracle fiber, it’s wool. Wool is resilient, which means that you can sink into a padded item of furniture and the upholstery will mainta