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NOT SINCE THE 1920S, when top jewelry houses like Tiff any and Lalique created notable pieces around moonstone, has the gem been as popular as it is today. Admired for its warmth and inner glow, moonstone has captivated a new generation of artists to design red-carpet-worthy jewels that express understated elegance.

Hollywood divas are flashing moonstones set in 18K gold and platinum with diamonds at red carpet events. Celebrity gem-savvy designers like Lorraine Schwartz and Erica Courtney use moonstones in many high-end designs.

Stylists are keen on moonstone, says

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Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist11 min lettiWellness
Today’s Illuminati
You could say this is a story about illuminati, and you’d be right. It’s just not about the Illuminati of centuries past or any of the secret societies or conspiracy ideas that attend them. Our illuminati are three contemporary artists living and wor
Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist2 min letti
Diane’s Bright Oval
Angles for R.I. = 1.540 55 + 16 girdles = 71 facets 2-fold, mirror-image symmetry 96 index L/W = 1.200 T/W = 0.756 U/W = 0.577 P/W = 0.435 C/W = 0.150 Vol./W3 = 0.273 Diane’s Bright Oval Design © Jim Perkins RECENTLY I ATTENDED MY 50TH high school re
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The Lady of Ancient Sites
ANOTHER DAY OF MIST AND intermittent, cold rain. Typical for Scotland. At least that kept the midges away as my friends and I trudged through the muck and soggy weeds and climbed over yet another rock fence. On the moor, in the distance, scattered ab