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“Kale was in first class looking back at all the other leafy greens in coach. And then out of nowhere, collard greens go and get on a private jet”

Duane Nutter may be the only chef in culinary history and Comedy Central’s (he was a semifinalist). But, then again, the man known in stand-up comedy circles as the Mad Chef is full of surprises, including pioneering the idea of haute cuisine in an airport as the chef of Atlanta’s One Flew South. These days you’ll find Nutter behind the pass at Southern National, the acclaimed restaurant in Mobile he cofounded in 2017. Here he riffs on a few tasty subjects.

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Sibling Revelry
A couple of years ago, my husband and I lost two of our three dogs within months of each other and swore that we needed a lot of time to pass. Zeno, a Bulgarian shepherd, had filled the yard with his large body and deep baritone bark. He was always o
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Garden & Gun
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A New Taste of Macon
As I drive into downtown Macon, Georgia, the familiar arrow-shaped Len Berg’s sign heaves into view, pointing down the alley to the old brick shoebox of a restaurant. Founded in 1908, closed in 2005, Len Berg’s was famous across the state for fried c