Australian Hunter

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Man’s quest to successfully stalk game stems back to the Stone Age hunter, as depicted by drawings or etchings on cave walls portraying the person draped in a bovine hide and moving forward in a stooped position to be closer to the quarry.

Even today there exist certain indigenous tribes in remote jungles and forests of the world that regularly hunt game to survive, wearing facial and body paint, shrubbery or leafed branches and grasses to break up their outline and blend in with the surroundings. Their disguises often imitate nature itself or its wildlife such as predatory jungle cats with their spots and stripes or antelopes with similar designs.

Camouflage pattern was first adopted by defence forces to protect and obscure assets from opposing ranks. Later the idea of concealing clothing became a part of the hunting scene.

Since then we have seen marked changes and improvements in the development of hunting apparel, accessories and related products. Ridgeline strives

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