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Know your enemy: How to outfox the wily red fox

Stalking slowly through long grass beside a river channel, the foxes launched themselves from under a log. One went left and the other to the right. The first touch of the Brno’s rear trigger delivered a load of SG towards the first.

The same trigger caught the second with a 7mm bullet as it hesitated on the edge of the channel. The Brno combination performed as intended, snap shooting feral game in thick cover.

While I respect the abilities of feral game, their environmental impact must be controlled. Hunting provides an effective management strategy without the ethical issues of trapping and poisoning. Understanding the abilities of feral game helps give the hunter an edge. It can also explain why particular hunting tactics have proved effective over time.

Foxes are superb hunters with finely tuned senses to detect and catch prey. With good visual acuity at short range they move rapidly

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