Australian Hunter

All aboard for an Alaskan brown bear hunt

As I stepped from the dock onto the float plane, my Alaskan brown bear hunt had begun. An hour later the Alaska Peninsula greeted us with towering sea cliffs and a snow-capped volcano. Soon we were on a lake, in the middle of nowhere, unloading our gear.

We weren’t long into our first full day of hunting when Jeff spotted a big bear about two miles out, on the side of a mountain. Jeff reckoned that it was a boar and definitely worth climbing for. I agreed but before we could pack up, we saw another bear making its way over a snow patch towards our animal. This bear turned out to be a sow and she was soon socialising with the boar. We waited and watched. Eventually both bears settled and lay down on a rocky outcrop. So we headed off to climb a mountain.

Jeff led and eventually we broke through the last of the scrub and found ourselves right where we wanted to

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